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Every aspect of your hobby inspiration can be achieved through our Commission services - from acquiring the models themselves all the way to delivery, we can take care of everything in between.

Below are our services and the best way to move forward is to send us a quote request!



Conversion Specialist

As a full service Commission Painting Studio, we are able to acquire any and all models needed at a very reasonable rate.  

Our building pricing is based on 25% of MSRP.  This includes removal of any and all flash and mold lines, as well as all supplies and materials.

We specialize in custom conversions to truly make your ideas complete!  Ask us for your conversion requests and we will make anything possible.



3 Tiers available

From basic tournament ready painting to Masterclass level masterpieces, Best Overall Painting Studio has an answer:

Silver:  Tournament ready paint with basic highlights that look great on the tabletop.  Silver tier painting includes base coats and wash with highlights and all details completed.  This level is for you if you are ready to have a completed commission ready to go!

Gold:  Your models go from completed to incredible.  We paint every detail with multiple levels of highlights, OSL and even battle damage!  This level is for you if you want the best value for your commission and want to have one of the nicest armies at your club!

Platinum:  This is the true masterpiece.  Our highest tier of paint, we obsess over every detail of the model.  Completely manicured to exacting perfection, you can expect the very best of quality from this tier.  This level is for you if you want the picture perfect box art style army or Warlord that will make people look in awe.



3 Levels Available


Basing is one of the most important ways of tying a force together and completing a model, but is often overlooked.  We have 3 levels of basing available:

Level 1:  One material used on the base, to tie the units together.

Level 2: 2+ materials used for basing, plus drybrushing/detailing of the appropriate kind.

Level 3: 3+ materials used for basing, drybrushing and extensive detailing applied.  This can include torn metal/autumn leaves/water effects etc.


Our pricing is unbeatable in the industry!  We have advanced painting techniques and a full time staff dedicated to your commissioned models.

Also note if you purchase the models through us, a discount is applied to the entire commission price.

Our pricing is our pride and we won't be beaten.  

Please see our Pricing Chart below for your reference, and please send us a message for a formal quote:


There we go!  There is no time like the present to begin the process.  

Let us help you bring your model and army ideas into reality and start your project today!

Quote Request

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